“My stay here at Cupertino Health and Wellness Center was wonderful.  I had very good CNAs and great OTs and PTs.  Tina and Doug have helped me so much.  I owe a lot to them and all the staff here.  Thanks a lot Cupertino Health and Wellness Center.  Love you all…” – Denise Austin

“All nurses, helpers and case workers are polite, on time, and care. Physical Therapists Doug and Tina are precious assets to be appreciated BIG TIME.” – Garrett Cook


“The time I have had here has been great for me.  I feel I can ‘make it’ for a time longer.  The people have helped me so much.  The whole place has done so much for me.  Thanks to all.” – Hope Bookman


“We have been very pleased with the wonderful care received at your facility.  All your staff have been very helpful.  We very much appreciate the care you have given.” – Vera Grant


“Thank God and praise the Lord who gave us the opportunity to visit this facility…it is so amazing for us.” – Nikolai Petrov


“I was a resident from 8/16 through 9/7.  I would like to express my appreciation to the staff that helped me enormously with my recovery.  I had the best Occupational Therapist Doug and Physical Therapist Laksmi; their hard work enabled me to bounce back and overcome a lot of obstacles.” – Eric Bailey


“I have seen before some nursing homes and rehab facilities but this facility is much more well organized and managed with so many…angels…serving people in need of care with happy faces.” – Kiora Brecher


“I would like to thank CNAs and nurses for their hard work.  Gloria, Fetti, Mariam, thank you for your kindness and help.  I am also thankful for Lida’s and Ruby’s ongoing assistance during my stay.  I couldn’t list everybody’s names who helped me during my recovery, but everybody was professional and helpful.” – Rose Toadley